About Us

Top Tier Betting was founded by a football fan who disagreed with the over-exaggerated strategy of betting £10 to win £20, £50 to return £100, and so on. He knew that there is no true ‘safe’ bet due to the nature of gambling, so why stake higher amounts of money for a measly potential return?

After spending lengths of time analysing statistics and various play styles, he formed his own unique style of betting unlike any seen before. His low-stake, high-reward strategy began to pay off when big wins started rolling in and his friends and family began asking him for tips. His biggest win to date was winning £6,849.18 on a 14-fold bet with just £5 at stake. 

After months of encouragement to show his play style to the online world, he started a Telegram group and went on to hire a handpicked team of dedicated researchers, developers and experts which led to the birth of Top Tier Betting.

Top Tier Betting aims to become the next big tipster website with big plans for the future. This is only the beginning and we can’t wait to bring our vision to life. Thank you for being a part of our community.

We only advocate safe gambling at Top Tier Betting so as always, please remember to gamble responsibly, know your limits and if you need support you can visit begambleaware.org.